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Essentials of a Sikhism Follower and Gurudwara to be found here at this divine store.

Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the holy book of Sikh religion that is treated with care and strict procedures is the most important holy scripture worshiped by Sikhism followers. Talking about followers, it is said that a true Sikh follower is the one who taste Amrit Paan/baptize, leads a life of devotion by surrendering himself/herself to the god and work with honesty to serve the community. But to bapstise one requires to follow the Five K's, which shall give him/her a Sikh identity. So, to bring forth the most pure and supreme quality Sikh Artifacts/Sikh Religious Products, we Manjit Singh & Company came into establishment.

We are a believer & follower of Sikh Gurus and are serving the Sikh community as a Manufacturer and Exporter of Sikh Khanda, Kangha, Kirpan, Gatka, along with a host of various other artifacts. Apart from these, we also deal in Gurudwara Items like Palki Sahib, Chaur/Chawar Sahib, Khanda, to name a few. The company started its operation in the year 1978 and with the blessings of God, it is expanding the horizons and walking on the path of success. Our offerings are most appreciated by people residing in not only India but in other countries as well because of their excellent manufacturing and reasonable pricing.

All Sikh Artifacts and Gurudwara Items Under One Roof

A progressive religion, that supports purity in thoughts and doings, Sikhism is all about standing for wrong and supporting the good. All the items that are required by Sikh Followers or Amrit Dhaari's, essentials of Gurudwara and decorative items for Gurudwara, we have all in our store. From Kangha to Palki Sahib, Chaur/ Chawar Sahib, and many more, we deal in all the aforesaid items and make sure that they reach to our customers on scheduled time without any delay and in the most appropriate manner. To make all these items, we have developed a well-structured infrastructure, spread over 1 Acre of land and is fitted with advanced manufacturing facilities.

Guru's Throne

In the darbar hall, the throne of Guru, that is the holy book is positioned in the center, which is also the main feature of Gurudwara. Talking about Guru's throne, there are various essential features, without which thinking about the throne is just impossible. These features are as follows:
  • Rumalla- A cloth that is placed on Guru Granth Sahib Ji, when it is not being read.
  • Palki Sahib- As its very name suggest, it is a palki where Guru resides.
  • Chaur/ Chawar Sahib- Placed near the holy book and is used as a fan as well as to express our respect.
At Manjit Singh & Company, you would find all the aforesaid items along with a host of many others items that are the essence of gurudwara.